Friday, August 19, 2011

End of summer and some headbands

Wow can it really be friday already? This week has gone by so fast! we went to 2 plays at the Shakespearean  Festival in Cedar City,  Lagoon the day after (my very first time!) Then a dentist appointment and dance. Now we are getting ready to head out of town, once again, to Beautiful Bear Lake. As soon as we get back summer is over and we are all back in school. busy busy!

Today I am linking up at Pink Lemonade for the Headband swap I participated in.

Here is the one I got

and the one I made.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh so cute! I really like the pink one!
    Check out the one I received:

  2. Maggie I loved my headband. I am really late blogging about this but I put it up today here:

    Thanks for making my headband perfect for me!

  3. Cute!!! Wish I had done this!

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