Saturday, December 31, 2011

New blog!

I have started a new blog to coordinate with my Etsy. I won't be doing much here anymore so just look at the new one. Here's the link
See you there!
P.s. One of my new years resolutions is to blog more so you will (hopefully) see more of me in 2012
What are your resolutions this year?

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Etsy

Hello again. Been awhile no?maybe I will be back here more often in the new year. I have some new motivation though- I have an etsy! It is still under construction but come check it out!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fairy festival.

It happened a while ago but it was so fun I thought I would share anyway. Everybody dressed up like fairies and pirates and mermaids. there was a magical secret garden with tiny fairy houses and dolls suspended from the trees and a little stream running through.

There was a fairy market place with little crafts and toys and jewelry.(there were some especially cute little earrings.... I wonder who could of made them?) The hit was the pirate ship over looking the creek that runs through the back yard, with the funniest captain in charge.

I set up an impromptu face paint stand for all the little fairies, although 2 pirates came along asking for numbers on their face. How creative and unique. My favorite to paint were the mermaids and fairies.

I didn't get any pictures but here are some you can find at their website

Here are a couple from previous years:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hey there I am back. We started school last week and now we are quite busy. I do have a couple fun new fabrics  and projects I am excited about.

Remember that fairy festival I posted about a while ago? Well thats coming up and I am getting excited!

We were  asked to make some fairy wings sort of like these. Aren't those cute? I think so


Ours also turned out really nicely.  However I couldn't find them so they will remain unphotographed. [is that a word?]

We hosted a bridal shower last night for my aunt-to-be. It was fun and we had some delicious food. MmmmMmmm. I was crowned the official food photographer but i don't have a single picture to show. Hmmm... no i wasn't a bad photographer I took them all on my aunts camera. So I don't have a single photo to share. Ah well.

Did you know Sept. was National Sewing month? That makes me sooo happy!

yikes that wings pic. didn't work out at all. Sorry. Go check it out at the link above.

Friday, August 19, 2011

End of summer and some headbands

Wow can it really be friday already? This week has gone by so fast! we went to 2 plays at the Shakespearean  Festival in Cedar City,  Lagoon the day after (my very first time!) Then a dentist appointment and dance. Now we are getting ready to head out of town, once again, to Beautiful Bear Lake. As soon as we get back summer is over and we are all back in school. busy busy!

Today I am linking up at Pink Lemonade for the Headband swap I participated in.

Here is the one I got

and the one I made.

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

craftin' update

So i just wanted to do a little update on whats goin' on around here. I found some stuff I was planning to post a while ago so I have some photos to share.

we have been making earrings 
in bulk lately for the fairy festival

 this is what our craft station looks like. we  stick the posts into the foam, add the glue and put on the flowers. it makes it a lot faster.

Here are some stamps we made with our uber talented cousin. We use the rose stamp for earring cards. cute right?!

I just found out about stitching on cards. you can stitch paper just like fabric on your sewing machine. Handy right?

This is the view from my window. Not quite sure what is going on at the neighbors...

 I found this picture on my camera from a long ago photo shoot and I thought it was cute.

Thats all folks. see ya later!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hey there, I'm back from Idaho. So we stayed at this fun, kinda quaint town in Idaho called McCall. It was so gorgeous up there! I swear every time I looked at the sky the clouds were prettier than I had ever seen. And then I would look again and they were even prettier. I took some pictures but i will have to load them later.

We swam like nobody's business while we were up there. I f we weren't busy hiking or meeting friends we were down at the pool playing underwater charades. I think my sister and I will turn into frogs from all that water. We also got to go to 2 hot pots or natural hot springs = way way hot. It was a blast.

My mom and I got a lot of stitching done. I am working on a cute sampler, and we both made some journal covers for the fairy festival. More on that in a minute

Our whole family decided we were going to have to go back. But we are also glad to be back

Now are you ready for some random ramblings?

1. We are all excited for the annual fairy festival coming up this fall. The fairy festival is a fundraiser held at our neighbors house each fall that raises money for an organization that benefits women and children. they have a little craft market there and this year my mom and I are planning on making some crafts to donate. I am super excited. read more about it here

2 My uncle, aunt and cousin are in town from oregon and it is so fun to have them. My talented cousin is going to help me out with some crafts for the fairy festival. It's an honor to have her helping because she is so stinkin' artistic. You can see some of her work here

3. I can't believe it is already August I am a little  depressed to see the summer go by so quickly. I got a packet yesterday from school saying "it's not to soon to start thinking about school" I disagree.

4. I am taking a way fun cake class from my fifth grade teacher and I am having a blast. Hopefully I can show you some pics of my cake tomorrow. Look at some of her cakes here

5. I was looking at the phone book today and found about 3 pages of people with the last name Johnson. Thats a lot. I am quite fond of the phone book.

And thats it for today. I am planning on showing some crafty updates tomorrow.